Infrared Heaters

Summary: More and more households and offices are shifting to infrared heaters. Infrared heating employs a different and more effective method that’s why infrared heaters are slowly replacing the old types of heaters in the market. With its significant advantages, its popularity and increasing demand is no surprise. This article will guide you introduce and guide you through the technology in infrared heaters and its numerous advantages.

Infrared Heaters


Infrared Heaters are taking the households, offices, and industries by storm. This new method of heating employs the power of infrared to provide warmth especially during the cold seasons. How exactly does infrared technology do this? Well, the answer is quite simple.

An infrared heater releases an invisible light spectrum in the form of electromagnetic waves. The infrared light are the invisible infrared rays that are easily absorbed by any object who/that is in need of heat. But how do infrared heaters differ from the conventional ones? The method of heating is the difference; which eventually leads to a different effect, making infrared heaters much more efficient than the traditional. A conventional heater warms the air, providing heat but at the same time it makes the air stuffy and uncomfortable. And when strong winds pass, the warm air is usually blown away by the breeze. More often, heating is also unbalanced and inconsistent because the air bounces back and forth.

On the other hand, infrared heaters don’t work this way. Infrared heaters directly warm the persons and objects within its range of heating. This method is more effective because the produced heat is automatically absorbed by those who need it; heat does not pass through the air anymore so you can be assured that you will still feel warm even if the weather gets windy.

Apart from this major difference, there are still more advantages that infrared heaters can offer. Number one advantage on the list is its efficiency. Since infrared heat is released through electromagnetic waves, heating is done at a productivity rate of almost 100%. This is very true as manifested by other devices that use electromagnetic waves in heating such as the microwave oven. And because heat is directly absorbed by the bodies and objects, only minimal amounts of energy are consumed. Plus, infrared heaters give instant heat. Once you turn this heater on, you will instantly feel warm so there’s no more waiting time needed. Now, how’s that for efficiency? Another good thing about these infrared heaters is that they aren’t noisy while operating. You can be assured of a peaceful and relaxing time as you enjoy the warmth that it produces. It is also good to know that these infrared heaters come in simple engineering designs; they are made with less rods, wires, and moving parts. This is what makes them easy to install and maintain; you can manage basic installations and troubleshooting on your own because their setup can be easily understood. And if it makes infrared heaters any better, using them is safe for the environment too. They don’t emit toxic smoke and burn carbon like other heaters do. You can be certain that you will not contribute harm to the environment while using infrared heaters. But according to many consumer reviews, the best thing about these infrared heaters is their flexibility. They offer so many options for the user; they can be wall-mounted, ceiling mounted, placed in a corner, or even on a table-top. There are infrared heaters which are portable so you also have the luxury of bringing them to other areas.

Infrared heaters come in various types, but the most basic types are the Space Infrared Heaters and the Outdoor Infrared Heaters. Space Infrared Heaters are the ones that are normally used at home and in commercial or industrial places. They can either be stationary or portable, electric or gas-fuelled, and made of ceramic or quartz. Space Infrared Heaters are usually used in the living room, bedroom, garage, and bathroom. Those that are employed for commercial and industrial purposes have higher capacity and are bigger in size as well. The other basic type of infrared heater is the Outdoor Infrared Heaters. Since they are for outdoors, they are always portable and normally powered by either natural gas or propane gas. Outdoor Infrared Heaters can be mounted on a pole or placed on a table-top. Patio Infrared Heaters are also considered as an outdoor infrared heater but because its use is still within the vicinity of the home, they are usually electricity-powered.

With all these being said about infrared heaters, we can say that infrared technology has brought the heating mechanism to a higher level. Somehow, they have made our world a better, warmer place to live in. Infrared heaters have been getting good consumer reviews in the market today, with a lot of people appreciating the benefits that they provide. So, what are you waiting for? Don’t be left behind. Get your own infrared heater today and see for yourself.

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