Cheap Infrared Heaters

Summary: There are infrared heaters that provide the need for heating without having to spend too much. There are cheap infrared heaters available that provide quality service that’s worth the price. A lot of options are available and it just needs careful choosing to accommodate your needs.

Getting a Good Deal on Cheap Infrared Heaters


Infrared heaters have been proven to lower the cost of electric bills during long winter seasons. They are considered to be the best option available when it comes to heating. If you are thinking of buying one then you have a lot of options available. If budget is your concern, you should consider buying cheap infrared heaters. The thing you should consider when buying cheap infrared heaters is the quality. The purpose of getting tight with the budget would be nonsense if you buy cheap heaters and would only last for a short time. Compared to expensive infrared heaters, the cheap ones might have lesser features. They might not come with remote controls, automatic timers but still they accommodate your need for heating. Let’s look at some brands of infrared heaters that will most likely be the most suitable for your budget.

Cheap infrared heaters range from $30 – $200 dollars. The price varies depending on the brand, type, design and features. Here are some choices you may be looking for.


  • Optimus H-5210 Infrared Quartz Radiant Heater
  • Get instant warmth with this heater; it is a nice little light-weight heater measuring just 14 inches in height, 15.4 in width and 7 inches in depth. It’s very portable and allows you to carry it anywhere in your house with its built-in carrying handle. It gives you two options; consume 400 watts on low and 800 watts on high. There are safety features that include overheat thermal cut-off device that avoids overheating and a tip-over safety switch that turns off the heater when it is accidentally knocked down. It also has a cool casing which will prevent burns when accidentally touched especially if you have kids playing around. Altogether, these safety features give you peace of mind when using the heater. It does not come with a fan so it does not disturb your warm, comfortable, and quite sleep. Since this is a small one, it’s only ideal for use in small to medium-sized heating space; that includes your bedroom and kitchen. Now the good thing is that this cheap infrared heater costs only around $30. That’s a big savings for a warm and efficient heater.
  • Dr Heater Model + DR968
  • If you’re looking for an elegantly designed heater then go for this product. This cheap infrared heater looks more like a cabinet than a heating device. It warms very quickly and is ideal for heating large rooms since it has 60% more heat produced compared to other heaters. Its surface does not get hot so it’s safe to touch and it comes with caster wheels for easy transportation from room to room. The remote control and digital display lets you control the heat accurately. Having this heater may be a disadvantage if you have pets in your home since you have to regularly clean the filter to remove pet hair that might get stuck into it. But don’t you worry because it’s pretty simple, you just need to pull the filter at the back and wash with some water and then it’s clean. Dr Heater DR968 costs less than $200. It is much cheaper compared to other brands which charges more than $500 for heaters that operate on 1500-watt energy consumption
  • Fire Sense Mojave Sun Wall Mount Infrared Heater
  • This cheap infrared heater will be your choice if you have activities inside or outside of your house during winter. It could serve as a light and heat if used outdoors like in the garage or sitting area because of its overwhelming orange glow. Its light can also be dimmed if used in the bedroom so it does not disturb your sleep. To ensure safety, this heater must be mounted on walls high enough so it can’t be reached by children. It comes with a movable mounting bracket for easy transfer and installation on any wall in the house. This heater consumes 1500 watts of energy during operation and works silently. It does not come with a fan to blow the heat so when used outside; its heat only provides sufficient warmth within a range of four to five feet. This product can be purchased at around $140-$170.
  • LIFESMART Amish Inspired Power Plus Infrared Heater
  • This furniture looking cheap infrared heater is recommended for use in heating large rooms. It can heat up to 1200 square feet of heating space which is ideal for whole-house heating. Its oak-finish surface does not get hot so it’s safe to touch. Its portability feature includes glide wheels for easy transportation. This heater consumes 1500 watts during operation and comes with a remote control for adjusting the temperature and timer remotely. Its LED display lets you identify and adjust the settings accurately. It’s dual power heating level lets you adjust between low level and high level heating. Low level heating can cover an area of 500 square feet and high level heating covers up to 1200 square feet maximum. This heater can be purchased at around $180-$200. If you’re looking for a device to heat a relatively large area, then this heater is for you.

Some buyers do not settle for cheap infrared heaters because they don’t want to compromise quality. But keep in mind that when you purchase cheap infrared heaters, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are inferior compared to the expensive ones. There are many factors why other brands are cheaper and other brands are more expensive. Expensive heaters usually have additional costs in advertisements so their prices are dramatically high.

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