ComforZone Infrared Heaters

Summary: ComfortZone infrared heaters are the newest member to the American family. Its efficiency and power-saving technology have brought infrared heating to a higher level.

ComfortZone: “Dedicated towards saving energy”


The solution to all of mankind’s heating problems, ComfortZone infrared heaters. The company dedicated all their technologically advanced labs and highly skilled scientists to the job of keeping homes warm. Specializing in the heating genre, the company took it to the next level when they introduced their infrared heaters. More effective and energy efficient, these heaters rightfully found their place in over thousands of homes all over the chilly corners of the world. After a survey conducted by the HACC, it was seen that 80% of the American families preferred ComfortZone infrared heaters over other household heaters, making them the top favorite heating appliance in the states.

The portable ComfortZone infrared heaters were the +1 selling home appliances in the year 2010. Scientists have combined the latest infrared technology with the common household heaters to make ComfortZone infrared heaters the top favorite for normal consumers. These infrared heaters are extremely easy to maintain, easy to carry around as scientists have worked hard to make them portable, cost effective i.e. power costs are reduced as compared to the other household heaters and they have a longer life. ComfortZone trust their accomplishment so highly that they provide a longer warranty (3 years) as compared to the other brand of heaters. Scientist have added extra tweaks to the heater to make it more user friendly, an extra ‘Delay heater’ functionality has been added that allows the user to instruct the heater to turn on any time before the next 23 hours. A remote functionality is also provided with the new heaters which make it easy for the user to personalize, operate and control the heaters.

The heaters are also easy to maintain. A full well written manual is supplied along with the product which makes it an easy job for the user to understand the functionality of the heater and maintain it likewise. Full instructions are provided in the manual regarding questions like how the infrared bulb is to be replaced, cleaning instructions, and etc.

The basic mechanism behind the effective running of an infrared heater is pretty simple. It uses the principle of conventional heating through electromagnetic radiation i.e. the infrared lamps of the infrared heater heat up, consuming little amounts of energy, and then they radiate the energy in the form of infrared radiations to other comparatively cooler bodies. Methods are implemented to make sure that the least amount of energy is wasted, hence making sure the heaters remain power efficient.

These ComfortZone infrared heaters are not only useful household appliances but they have important uses elsewhere too. The company introduced infrared heaters to heat swimming pools and their achievement was widely acknowledged.

All the above mentioned facts make ComfortZone infrared heaters the leader in the heating category. Their portability and user friendly nature make them a top favorite household heater. The heaters being power efficient are also extremely important in today’s world where fossil fuel resources are depleting; we need to save as much energy as we can.

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