Disadvantages of Infrared Heaters

Summary: Infrared heaters give so much benefit that looking for a disadvantage is close to nothing. There are a few downsides, however, but it is expected from something that’s derived from infrared technology. Besides, all things have a glitch and infrared heaters are not an exemption.

The Negative Side of Infrared Heaters


The dawn of infrared heaters has made a remarkable revolution in the heating industry. Because they provide much better benefits, infrared heaters are quickly replacing the old, conventional heaters installed in our homes, offices, and industries. Infrared technology introduced another breakthrough, this time in the field of heating, and more and more people each day are encouraged to see what infrared heaters can give that the old types cannot. Basically, infrared heaters provide heat through invisible electromagnetic waves called the infrared light. They give warmth just like the great sun does; only they don’t have high ultraviolet rays (UV) which are harmful to the body. Infrared heaters release just a minimal amount of UV rays which the body can tolerate. The very best feature of infrared heaters is their method of providing heat; they release warmth the moment they are turned on and they hit the objects that need heating directly and evenly.

There are a number of notable benefits that infrared heaters can deliver that sometimes, it is difficult to see any disadvantage in using them. However, one significant drawback of infrared heaters is that they only provide direct heat to objects within its range, which is limited to a room or space where the heater is located. Infrared heaters cannot be centralized; therefore, they are not suitable for bigger homes and huge buildings. They have to be installed separately in every room that requires heat, unlike centralized heaters that can be one for all.

As to this time, there are no other disadvantages noted in infrared heaters in general. But some disadvantages are found in specific types of infrared heaters, like the infrared sauna heater. Infrared saunas have become popular to sauna lovers because they are said to be safer than the traditional ones. Then again, some experts say that they have adverse effects in people with silicone implants and medical condition.

Infrared sauna heaters may not be good for people who have undergone silicone implants, particularly silicone breast implants in women. According to some experts, infrared heat can be absorbed by silicone prosthetics in the body. Although there is not enough study to prove that infrared radiation presents danger to silicone implants, one should stop bathing in infrared saunas if pain or adverse reactions are felt at the part where the implant is. Some studies also show that infrared sauna heaters aggravate the symptoms of stroke, brain tumor, and pulmonary illnesses. So if you have silicone implants or certain medical conditions in your body, it is best to consult your doctor before using the infrared sauna heater

Infrared heaters have just gained popularity in the market. Over the past few years that they have been used by many households and companies, infrared heaters acquired enough trust from the consumers. As with any other thing in this world, there is always a little glitch in everything. In the case of infrared heaters, it is noteworthy to say that they offer far more advantages that have made our everyday lives better and much more comforting.

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