Infrared Garage Heaters

Summary: Be able to do more work in your garage, day and night, with infrared garage heaters. With a warm feeling in the garage, you will be able to finish that home project you’ve been dying to accomplish.

Are Infrared Garage Heaters Useful?


It is winter season and all you men out there want to do some tinkering around in your garage. However, with the freezing temperatures there, who wants to even set foot inside the garage? This is mostly the case with a lot of homes. The garage is where you store a lot of stuff, not to mention old cars and new, parked around. I’m sure you must hate the feeling of waking up in the morning and going to the freezing garage to take out your car, on an early winter morning. Or you have some work to be done, but alas the garage is just way too cold. You probably have been looking to a solution for this problem for a long time.

The answer to this is simply three words: infrared garage heaters. They are new, hip, compact, and made from the latest infrared technology to give you the best they can. They work by heating up not the air in the room, but the objects in it. So imagine if you are standing in your garage with the infrared garage heater turned on, the heater will work on heating you, and not the garage air. So you get all warm in very little time. The effect is more or less like the sun heating you on a cold morning. Relish the feeling!

Infrared garage heaters are perfect for your garage because they provide an alternative from the old fashioned space heaters that used to decorate the market. They are safe, environmentally friendly, user friendly, and consume much less energy than your regular heaters as well. It will even keep the car sitting in your garage warm! How awesome would that be? You walk in one day to go to work and the car is already warm and toasty. You will enjoy your ride even more, and I can guarantee you will have a better day at work too since you started off with a great, warm morning.

What is infrared technology anyway? It is basically when heat waves are transformed into electromagnetic waves which radiate heat from the source that is carrying out the conversion. The source which is your infrared garage heater in this case will heat objects in its path, such as your car. Some heat will be absorbed, other will be reflected and some might even be re radiated. This technology may sound new to you, but it copies its way from the way the sun works when heating the earth.

There are various types of infrared garage heaters available in the market and you can simply choose the one according to your requirement. Some can be mounted on your wall, or they can stand on their own and a third option would be to mount it on a pole. The decision is yours, choose what works best for you and stay comfortable with your very own personal infrared garage heater.

If this is confusing to you, just remember that infrared heaters work differently–and in a way that does not depend on air movement to transfer heat. (That’s how traditional heaters work.) The electromagnetic-wave transfer of thermal energy is the same as the way our sun transfers heat to the earth. So really, though it sounds new and cutting-edge, infrared heating is also as old as the sun.

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