Infrared Gas Heaters

Summary: Infrared gas heaters do not need electricity to work, as they are powered by gas. They are ideally used in heating large rooms such as industrial or commercial spaces like showrooms, gyms, and factories. They are also very eco-friendly because infrared gas heaters don’t emit smoke and carbon monoxide.

The Effectiveness of Infrared Gas Heaters


The popularity of infrared heaters is increasing, there are many types of infrared heaters and one is the infrared gas heater. As the name suggests, it is a type of heater that is fueled with gas in order to work. This type of heater uses infrared waves, as with other infrared heaters, to warm up a room. These infrared waves are the same with the waves that the sun emits, it heats through radiation. This type of heating targets objects and materials, as well as people, without directly heating the air; it warms up things immediately.

Infrared gas heaters are slowly replacing traditional heaters and fireplaces. They are ideally used in heating large spaces and can be used industrially and commercially. This type of heater works by directing infrared waves to the floor which absorbs the heat; then heating up also the objects near to it. It is great in warming up a patio, showrooms, sports facilities, and any other bigger spaces. Infrared gas heaters have two main types; these are the luminous high intensity heater and the radiant tube heater. The first type of infrared gas heater is used to heat up buildings that are used commercially and industrially; while the latter is used mostly in industrial factories.

Compared to other heaters, an infrared gas heater has many advantages. One is that it is very efficient since no electricity is needed for it to work. What is needed is only gas fuel. It can be brought and used almost anywhere. Since it heats up objects and people directly, it doesn’t lead to the loss of humidity in the air. Infrared gas heater also comes with an adjustable thermostat, making it easier for users to control the temperature. It can also be controlled to heat up only a specific space, including the level of temperature.

Another advantage of an infrared gas heater is its cost effectiveness. It costs cheaper compared to other traditional heaters. It also uses gas to the fullest level, without any waste. An infrared gas heater also doesn’t need high maintenance and is very easy to install. It is also eco-friendly since it does not emit smoke and carbon monoxide that is harmful to people. No toxic wastes are released from this type of heater. It uses natural gas and the like, which are clean fuels. Safety is also a good attribute of infrared gas heaters; they can help prevent fires that are accidentally caused from conventional heaters.

Infrared heaters, including infrared gas heaters, do not have disadvantages but only misconceptions. Since these heaters are designed based from the infrared rays emitted by the sun, people have misconceptions that infrared heaters also release high level of UV rays which are very harmful. It is nice to know that infrared gas heaters, along with any other types of infrared heaters, only emit very low levels of UV rays which are not harmful to any human being.

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