Gas Fired Infrared Heaters

Summary: A gas fired infrared heater is a kind of infrared heater that uses the combustion of fuel gas in order for it to function. It is a type of infrared heater that is slowly getting popular in the market and will replace the conventional heaters in no time.

The Advantages of Gas Fired Infrared Heaters


Gas fired infrared heaters are one of the many kinds of infrared heaters available in the market today. This type of heater uses a burner containing gas combustion controls in giving off heat. Unlike the conventional heaters that people are used to, a gas fired infrared heater does not emit smoke and heats people as well as objects that are directly in its vicinity, the way the sun heats up the earth. The objects that are warmed create heat sinks that result to greater comfort and quick heat recovery. It also uses a thermostat to control the level of temperature as preferred by the user.

Gas fired infrared heaters are proven to consume less fuel and lower electricity bills. They are designed to be flexible so that they can fit anywhere and can be suitable to any type and variety of floor plans and building types. They are easy to install and needs almost no maintenance is needed. This type of heater does not generate any noise and ensures that household things cannot be burned.

Gas fired infrared heaters have several types. Some of these types are patio infrared heaters which are designed to heat outdoor areas especially areas that are directly outside the home. Another type of gas fired infrared heater is the high intensity ceramic heater that uses ceramic tiles for combustion and generating heat to warm up a place. There are also low intensity tube heaters that are capable of using fresh air for combustion to generate heat. Aside from the ones mentioned above, gas fired infrared heaters can come out in any other forms.

Gas fired infrared heaters do not produce dirt and dust, thus providing a quiet home and clean comfort. Why do many people choose gas fired infrared heaters? First of all, using it can save up to 30% fuel and electricity costs. Second, it heats the floor and not the ceiling which gives better comfort to people affected. Third, since its placement is flexible, it can be installed in any place where heating is very much needed. And fourth, it is easy to clean, maintain, and durable too. The advantages mentioned above are only some of the reasons why more people are replacing conventional heaters with this type of heater.

Disadvantages of gas fired infrared heaters? As you may have heard about infrared heaters, they have some misconceptions which are usually treated by many as disadvantages. One of the misconceptions is the allegedly production of carbon monoxide that is harmful to humans. Gas fired infrared heaters do not emit any smoke or carbon monoxide, so feel safe to use it. Another is the issue about the UV rays that it emits. Since these heaters are designed like the sun, others believe that it also releases high and harmful UV rays. But as mentioned before, they are only misconceptions. This heater only produces low frequency of UV rays, thus, it is safe for people to use.

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