Energy-saving Infrared Heaters

Summary: Infrared heaters are one of the best innovations in infrared technology. Not only that, they are innovatively designed to help save energy with its electromagnetic radiation called infrared light.

Infrared Heaters – The answer to our energy problems.


In today’s world, where natural power resources are depleting, scientists have to think over any and all possible ways to save energy. That is when scientists introduced infrared heaters; these heaters use the principle of electromagnetic radiation to transfer heat in the form of infrared radiations to comparatively cooler bodies. They use the basic principle of convention allowing them to effectively transfer heat with the minimal wastage of energy.

Infrared heaters are extremely famous all over the world mainly because of the Infrared heaters efficiency. These heaters took over the market by storm as they were the most effective solution for heating problems of today. They could easily be personalized to operate according to different consumer demands. For e.g. these Infrared heaters are used popularly in the industry for Cooking, plastic melding, swimming pool heating etc.

The Infrared heaters efficiency made them highly praised by environmentalists all over the world, and the special features provided with the modern heaters further increase the Infrared heaters efficiency. The new heaters come with a delayed running functionality which gives the power of timed running to the user. I.e. the user can now set a timer and the heater would turn on at the time provided. This feature enables the users to save energy while they’re at their workplaces as rather than leaving their heaters running at home, they can now instruct them to turn on at the right time before they come home to find their homes warm and welcoming.

According to a research the Infrared heaters efficiency is around 85-90%. This means that they can convert up to 90% of their input energy into effective radiations. The heaters are specially designed for different purposes to ensure minimal energy loss. Wavelengths of the radiations are matched with the objects the heaters are expected to heat, this makes the heater even more efficient and unique. With only the slightest tweaks in the wavelength of the radiation bulb, these heaters are specialized to perform different operations in the industry. For example where the heaters are expected to heat water, an infrared bulb of wavelength around 3000 nanometers is used, which scientifically matches with the frequency of water and heats it effectively with negligible loss of energy.

The modern household Infrared heaters come with many different functions which make them extremely user friendly and somewhat more efficient. One of the latest functions provided with the heaters is the remote functionality, the user can now turn the heater on and off with a single press of a button which also somewhat saves energy, as the user can turn the heater off when he/she leaves the room and turn it back on when they come back. A thermostat is also provided to ensure that the heater can put itself into a standby mode when its work is done. All these functionalities increase the Infrared heaters efficiency and in the process makes them environment and user friendly.

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