Infrared Patio Heaters

Summary: Infrared patio heaters are becoming the “in-thing” for many households and business establishments alike. This type of heater allows continuous outdoor fun even with the cold, windy air. It is very easy and flexible to mount, with different mounting options to choose from. They don’t run on gas so they are environmentally friendly and have no nasty smell.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Patio Heaters


Outdoor fun has found its best friend in infrared patio heaters. It’s always fun to have outdoor activities, especially at your own patio or porch. Instead of going out to far places, many families prefer to spend quality time together in their own front or back yards. Whether it is a pool party or a barbeque bash, outdoor fun are always the best activities. But more often, the air gets chilly especially in the late afternoons up until the evening. Your outdoor pleasures are cut short by the nippy air; well, not anymore. Infrared patio heaters are here to let you enjoy outdoor moments to the fullest.

The best feature of an infrared patio heater is the infrared heating technology. Infrared heaters are different and much better than any other any types of heating device because they directly heat up the objects within its range only. It does not warm the air unlike conventional heaters, so when it gets windy the warmth that you feel will not be blown away with the wind. The infrared patio heater is very efficient because its heat radiation is not affected by the air circulation, so you and the other objects around will always feel warm despite the windy space.


Advantages of Patio Heaters


Infrared patio heaters have low-energy cost as with the other infrared devices. The infrared lamp being used in this kind of heater lasts for a long time and it is also very quiet as heating takes place.

It is also easy to maintain since most problems that you may encounter while using it are easy to address or troubleshoot. Because they don’t operate on gas, infrared patio heaters are safe and environment-friendly because they don’t produce hazardous fumes or UV ray radiations. With infrared patio heaters, you can be flexible as they come in various sizes, power, shapes, and can be hung or mounted on a stand.

Since this type of heater can come on a stand, there are many ways on mounting it whichever way you please. If you want your heater to be portable or easily moved, a telescoping pole or post with wheels can suit your needs. You can even mount it on top of an umbrella pole, should you find this more convenient. And if you don’t want to use poles, you can simply mount it on the wall or place it on top of your patio table.


Disadvantages of Patio Heaters


Although infrared patio heaters have many advantages, it also has its own set of drawbacks. The most noticeable is the non-circular flow of the emitted heat. Unlike the other types of patio heaters, the infrared types are stationary and give-off heat only to the direction that it is pointing to. With that, users of the infrared patio heater may have to huddle in one place or take turns in being the direction of the heating if they are too many to be accommodated all in one time.

All in all, infrared patio heaters offer great benefits and many people are making it a part of their household appliances.

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