Infrared Radiant Heaters

Summary: Infrared Radiant Heaters do not warm the air around but only the objects that are within its radiations range. This is the best characteristic of an infrared radiant heaters, people still feel cozy and relaxed because the air isn’t warmed unlike conventional heaters do.

Infrared Radiant Heaters and their Uses


Each year winters are coming back with more force than the previous year. Suffice to say, the winters are getting colder and the summers hotter. In such cases, heating bills are obviously going to go soaring high if you don’t take measures to prevent this from happening. But what can be done? The house is too cold, a heating system needs to be installed but then again centralized heating is too expensive. At times like these it seems like there might not be a suitable solution nearby. You need to heat your house, but might not be able to afford the heating bills. Not to mention, the service and the maintenance costs that accompany such heating systems.

At times like these, infrared radiant heaters are the answer to your problems. There are various companies in the market that are manufacturing these infrared radiant heaters and these come in handy during the cold, hard winters. Infrared radiant heaters have many uses today including heating up industrial areas, one whole area at a time, can be used to warm your feet, for residential and domestic uses, for both indoor and outdoor uses, to melt snow and ice, and generally to produce heat anywhere in any situation that suits you. The different types include flat ceramic, quartz tube, fan forced and a few others. They can be run on natural gas, propane or electricity.

Infrared radiant heaters work in a different manner than your regular heaters. What those regular heaters do is that they heat up the air in the room, after which the warmth gets to you. This is a long, lengthy process and often you have pre heat the heater for an hour or hour and a half, to have the room comfortably warm and heated up for your use. With infrared radiant heaters, that is not the case. They work by heating up the objects in the room, whether they are human beings or other nonliving objects. In such a way, humans get warmer faster than regular heaters because the heat comes directly to them in the form of radiation.

The objects are heated first, then the air and this method is much more successful. To put it in simple words, the infrared radiant heaters work more or less like the effect of sunlight when it heats up the earth. Imagine the warmth of the sun on your face on a cold, wet, winter morning. It is an amazing feeling, isn’t it? Infrared radiant heaters give off soothing, calming, comfortable, clean energy heat. Since the human skin is the most absorbent matter when it comes to radiation, this kind of heater is much more comfortable for humans and animals. It is not as costly as centralized heating systems and doesn’t need much maintenance cost either. Even when you open a door, it recovers the room’s temperature faster than a regular heater. By purchasing this, you can have your favorite arm chair all warmed in no time. However, in comparison, a portable infrared heater may be more convenient due to the fact that it can be moved around as you shift rooms.

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