Infrared Heaters Reviews

Summary: Before you head out to the store to buy your infrared heater, take some research so you will know which infrared heater proves to be the most effective to consumers. This article provides infrared heater reviews that can guide you through in choosing the right brand of infrared heater for you.

Infrared Heaters Reviews to Guide Potential Buyers


Thinking about buying your own infrared heater? In both local and online stores, there are a lot of infrared heater products and brands to choose from. But before you decide, better check some infrared heater reviews so that you will be properly guided in choosing the infrared heater that will best suit your needs. Below are some helpful infrared heater reviews from consumers who have tried and tested popular infrared heater products out in the market today.

Portability is a big factor in choosing a good infrared heater. If you want an infrared heater that you can easily transfer whenever and wherever you want in your home or office, the following are the best portable infrared heaters available:


Dr Heater Quartz + PTC Infrared Portable Space Heater – 1500 Watt


This portable infrared heater is one of the newest designs of the Dr Heater brand. Its heating power can go up to 1500 watts with options for low and high temperature, ranging from 65 to 86 degrees. The cutting-edge dual heating system of this portable space heater relatively upturns the heat transfer rate, with 60% greater heat than the other portable heater products available. It gives balanced and steady heat within a 1,000 square feet range. It has been highly recognized by US and Canadian standards as compliant to safety standards.

Some customer reviews support the claims of this product, saying that the Dr. Heater Quartz + PTC Infrared Portable Space Heater lives up to how it is supposed to function, except that it unable to heat up bigger rooms. It can reach 70-80 degrees when used in smaller areas such as bedrooms but it can barely go up to 60 degrees when used in bigger spaces such as the basement and living rooms. However, reviews say that this heater operates very quietly and has modern remote system.


New Comfort Infrared Electric Portable Infrared Space Zone HEATER


This product asserts to heat a room up to 1,000 square feet, giving consumers bigger savings and higher efficiency. Its LED display is digital where you can program your desired settings through a remote control. It is also capable of monitoring the room temperature and adjusting the heat on its own, depending on the level of heat that a room needs.

Reviews of this infrared heater affirm its good performance, functioning according to the programmed settings in terms of temperature and operating time. Some customers even attested that this portable space heater can provide heat of up to 1,200 square feet range. But the heater’s fan needs to be lubricated regularly to ensure maximum performance. Others also complain that its remote control malfunctions at some times.


LIFESMART Amish Inspired Power Plus Infrared Heater


This is another powerful infrared heater product because it can give warmness of up to 1,200 square feet. Its most famous feature is its integrated air filter that will forever keep bacteria, organisms, and molds from getting inside the heater. This product is also safe with kids and pets around. Plus, it is so easy to install with its plug and play attribute. It is not a surprise that lot of consumers highly recommend this product.

Many consumers expressed that they are satisfied with this heater, reporting that it provides equal and consistent heat from floor to ceiling. Some also claim that their electricity charges have only minimal increase given that the heater is turned on for most part of the day. Reviews declare that the LIFESMART Infrared Heater does good heating but only up to 700-800 square feet range, contrary to its advertised level at 1,200 square feet coverage. There are also consumers who reported a smaller coverage of the heater, which is up to 700 square feet range only.

Another in-demand infrared heater type is the outdoor infrared heater. Despite the cold weather, people will always have outdoor activities like parties and outings; and that’s where outdoor infrared heaters become indispensable. For maximum outdoor pleasure, we need this type of infrared heater to shield us with protective warmth. Among the top outdoor infrared heaters are:


Mr. Heater MH42T 42,000-BTU Propane Tank-Top Radiant Heater


This infrared heater is exclusively designed for outdoor use only. Fuelled by propane, this heater can function with 1-3 burners simultaneously and can operate up to 10 hours under moderate heating requirements. For safety proposes, it also turns off automatically once the flame is no longer there.

Users of the Mr Heater triple burner are happy with its general performance because although it is not stylishly designed, the red glow of its 3 burners are able provide heat as advertised in the market. Another good thing that consumers like is that they have the option to run as many burners as they want, in various heat levels. However, the burners of this infrared heater do not function well in too windy settings. Too much breeze will cause the burners to set the chamber on fire, which is obviously not safe. Another downside of this propane infrared heater is that it is not resilient to rust. Over time and with too much exposure to the open air, rust will take its toll on this heater.


Fire Sense 60404 Indoor/Outdoor Infrared Heater


This neatly designed heater saves a lot of space as it can be easily attached to practically any standard table umbrella center pole. It uses standard electricity so its performance is not affected by the wind. The Fire Sense heater has soundless operation and provides up to 90% heating efficacy.

It has also gained positive feedbacks from consumers because the product is built engineered and its electrical wiring can stand tough environments. Many appreciate its flexibility as it allows the users to use 1, 2, or 3 blades/lamps at the same time. And since the blades can be folded, it is very convenient to carry this heater wherever needed. On the other hand, the problem with this heater is the inadequate heat that the blades provide. Many customers aired that this Fire Sense Heater is only suitable in temperate climates but never in the colder environments.

It is always good to explore your options first before buying your own infrared heater. But always bear in mind that there is no perfect product. Even the products with best infrared heater reviews have their own share of weakness. As consumers, we also need to be reasonable with our expectations.

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