Infrared Sauna Heaters

Summary: Infrared sauna heaters are the newest innovation for sweating off those body toxins and relaxing the tired muscles of the body. It provides a good way to relax the mind and sooth the spirit. The use of infrared technology makes it even better because infrared heat provides more efficient and beneficial results.

The Innovation in Infrared Sauna Heaters


Infrared sauna heaters utilize infrared light to release heat, which is directly absorbed by the body. They are very different from conventional saunas that indirectly heat the body through steam. Research shows that the use of infrared sauna heaters lessens the swelling pain feeling of people who suffer from joint inflammations. Infrared sauna heaters are also programmed differently in places, as temperature readings vary. Since temperature varies in different places, the degree of heat that is programmed in infrared sauna heaters also varies.


Types of Infrared Sauna Heaters


Carbon infrared sauna heaters are uses distant infrared waves which produces better wavelength than other sauna heaters. With distant infrared waves, carbon infrared sauna heaters penetrate the body and detoxify the body deeper. Thus, greater benefits are obtained.

Another type is the ceramic infrared heater, which is good at storing heat and making sure that nothing is wasted. It releases heat in a consistent and balanced manner, averaging at around 96% infrared warmth as compared to the typical 50% heat given off by other sauna heaters.

We should also remember that the bigger the infrared sauna heater is, the better the radiated heat and results are.




The warmth produced by an infrared sauna heater reduces body pain and fatigue by inflating blood vessels and enhancing blood circulation, supplying additional oxygen to the inflamed parts. Because oxygen is supplied to injured or painful areas of the body, recovery process is hastened.

Warmth in the body causes sweating, and sweating causes increase in heart rate and body metabolism as well. Excess salt, fats, and toxins in the body are significantly reduced, leading to detoxification and even weight loss. Toxins get into the body because of the air around us and the food that we eat; through detoxification that’s brought about by bathing in infrared sauna heaters, the skin gets eventually healthier.

Hectic workers find relaxation in infrared sauna heaters since they are able to reduce stress and release sweat the same way that tedious body exercises do. In a fast-paced, dizzying world that we live in, relieving stress is such a big deal as it contributes to a happier life and soothed spirit.




As much as an infrared sauna heater is highly beneficial, it has some disadvantages too. Like any other thing in this world, it results to negative effects if not taken properly.


  • Dehydration: With all the released sweat, it is almost inevitable that one would be dehydrated if exposure to infrared sauna heaters is constant. Dehydration in the long run will certainly happen. Drinking alcohol or any sugary beverages before engaging in infrared sauna sessions causes a much higher possibility of dehydration as well.
  • Overheating: You should not stay longer in infrared sauna heaters than what is needed because it can overheat the body which can possibly lead to a heat stroke.
  • Undesirable for People with Illness: It is advised that people with heart conditions or high blood pressure should abstain from using infrared sauna heaters.
  • Implant Damage: People who have undergone silicone implants should also avoid being exposed to infrared sauna heaters since the infrared rays have adverse effects on silicone substances.

The use of infrared sauna heaters may have a lot of benefits but it’s always best to consult an expert before undergoing such activity. The results differ in people because individual characteristics still need to be considered; such as lifestyles and genetic history.

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