Tips to Choose the best Infrared Heaters

Summary: Buying an infrared heater is a big investment, so before you make that purchase, be sure to know the facts. This article will provide you with some basic tips to be able to spot the best infrared heater for you.

Tips to Choosing the Best Infrared Heaters


Are you looking for ways to enclose your home or office with relaxing heat and at the same time save more on energy costs? Worry no more! The best infrared heaters are out in the market, up for grabs depending on your needs. Hundreds of people around the world are affirming that infrared heaters are the best thing that ever happened in the field of heating technology. Why? It’s because infrared heaters are proven to be very efficient, cost and productivity-wise. Infrared heaters produce heat through the invisible spectrum of infrared radiation. What makes them different from traditional heaters is that they direct the heat to the objects that need heating, be it a person or a thing. Because of this method, the heat that infrared heaters release is maximized since they go to the target immediately and equally. Plus, infrared heaters consume less energy so they can surely save you a lot on electricity or fuel costs.

However, consumers get confused with the numerous types of infrared heaters sold in the market today. They have different claims and vary in price and performance. If you’re not well-informed about these heaters, you might not get the one that’s best for your needs. So before cashing out on anything, below are some important things to consider:


  • Read reviews
  • You can easily get consumer reviews in the internet, or better yet, you can contact your local store so they can explain the pros and cons of the types of infrared heaters available. Never buy a heater because of celebrity endorsement as they always are biased on the products that they endorse.
  • Heat Lamp or Quartz bulb for your infrared heater?
  • Apparently, infrared heat lamps are the original and oldest lamps used in infrared heaters. They have been employed for many years already and their safety and comfort are much proven and tested. As of now, Solar Comfort Infrared Heating System is the only company left that uses heat lamps for its infrared heaters. So if you want your infrared heater to come with a heat lamp, then you should go to Solar Comfort.
  • The modern day heat lamp being used by most infrared heater companies is the quartz bulb, also used in many modern electronic gadgets. Quartz bulbs are durable bulbs that can produce steady and equal heat in an area. They last long, for 3-5 years, and can help save an extra 8 cents per hour in electricity. But these quartz bulbs need plenty of air flow, so you have to keep its filter clean so that they can function well.
  • Price
  • In buying infrared heaters, never sacrifice quality and safety with price. There are inexpensive infrared heaters available for $200 and below, but its performance level might not meet your expectations. Another thing about cheap infrared heaters is the risk it entails, since the most recent households fires were reportedly caused by those low-quality infrared heaters. Always think first of your and your family’s safety before getting a cheap one.
  • Based on facts, a high quality infrared heater will cost around $400 and up. Be able to find a high-standard brand with a reasonable price, and you won’t be sorry.
  • Heater Casing
  • Many infrared heaters today come with plastic cases, but they’re actually not advisable as they can melt and may cause fire. Metal casings for infrared heaters are much safer because metal sheaths can keep possible sparks in the heater, plastic coverings cannot.
  • Technical Specifications
  • There are 2 main types of infrared heaters in terms of set-up, the mechanical infrared heaters and the digital infrared heaters. Over the years, mechanical infrared heaters have proven to be the safest and most durable. They may be a little hard to operate but you can be assured of a maximum performance.
  • Digital infrared heaters are easier to use since they have automatic settings, but are more likely to crash as with any other digital equipment. This is because digital heaters are powered by motherboards and at some point in time, these motherboards can fail easily. Moreover, this type of heaters is easily damaged by power interruptions.
  • Warranty Period
  • Any equipment should have the standard warranty period of three years. This will ensure that your infrared heater is made of good quality. If you notice, the cheaper ones only come with a one-year warranty and most of its parts will not be replaced by the manufacturing company once damaged.
  • Reasonable Claims
  • Infrared heater companies who say that their heaters can give more than 1000 watts of heat for half the price are setting unrealistic, bogus claims. When you hear such kind of statements, think twice because these companies are merely overdoing their marketing strategies.
  • Easy Installation and Maintenance
  • Choose an infrared heater that has a simple design and does not have too many screws to open the lamp/bulb area, since you will be the one to change these bulbs for most of the time. When we say easy installation and maintenance, it means that you can manage to work on your heater all by yourself.

With all these given, you can be assured that you will be able to get the best infrared heaters to give warmth and comfort to your homes.

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