Infrared Tube Heaters

Summary: Infrared technology has paved the way for one of the most needed appliance in the home, the infrared tube heaters. Don’t let the cold air stop you from doing the things that you want or need to do. Infrared tube heaters are here to give warmth and comfort in our homes and offices.

What Are Infrared Tube Heaters?


You must have experienced the touch bite of the cold winter winds and how they can simply seep in a room and make the room all draughty and cold. No matter how hard you try, the room doesn’t get warm enough any time soon. This creates real problems, since maybe that room is an important one, perhaps an office where you need to work for the better part of the day. In such situations, the cold becomes a distracting thing and it is very difficult to work under such circumstances. A good idea in such cases would be to opt for infrared tube heaters. In order to know what exactly that heater does, why not explore what infrared technology actually is?

Over the past few years’ infrared technology has gained quite some importance and popularity and many industries have started making the use of infrared heaters for their various purposes. Infrared is basically a collection of electromagnetic waves. It travels the way that a ray of light would. Infrared rays travel in straight lines till an object comes in their path and they hit that object. The way infrared tube heaters work is fairly simple. These more or less imitate the way a sun heats the earth by generating infrared heat energy which becomes heat that can be used once it hits an object. The objects then absorb that heat and become warm along the way, re-radiating the warmth in the room and the surrounding atmosphere.

The advantage created by infrared tube heaters is the fact that they don’t make the room they are heating all dry and stuffy. Conventional heaters work by heating the air in the room. Infrared tube heaters work by heating the objects in the room. Human skin and the various objects inside a room will absorb the heat that is radiated and so once you sit in the room, you will feel the warmth, both inside and out. An added advantage of infrared tube heaters is that you don’t need to turn on a heater in advance to warm up a room. What these heaters do is that they start working efficiently the minute you turn them on, so you have maximum benefit. This is not the case with conventional heaters that used to be around and you have to wait for them to heat up a room before it becomes comfortable enough.

The only disadvantage that these heaters have is that they become hot when they are on so you need to make sure the distance is proper. However, the radiant heat is not harmful at all, unlike the ultra violet rays provided by the sun. The effect of infrared tube heaters is such that you are standing near a hot stove or a fireplace. You only get a comfortable warm sense in the atmosphere, and no stifling or suffocation in the room. Things to look out for when choosing infrared tube heaters include burner design, control box, couplings, serviceability, and reflector design.

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